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Individual Shooting Drills

Individual Shooting Drills


Swat the Fly

  • Player should stand 5-10 yards in front of the goal
  • Player should stand in shooting position
    • Take the bottom hand off the stick so only the hand in the middle of the stick is touching.
  • Toss the ball up in the air and catch it one handed
    • Follow through with a shot
      • Forces the player to turn their body while shooting increasing speed and velocity

Spin and Fire

  • Player stands at about the 5 and 5 with back towards the goal
    • Try to have shoulders facing where the midfield meets the sideline
  • Player turns to the outside and steps to the opposite post and shoots (Turn, Step, Shoot)
    • Start by aiming to the outer third of the goal and then change it up
      • If you miss you want to miss to the outside
    • Players can switch side and move back as their power and accuracy improve


  • Set up two cones, one about 5 yards to the side and 10 yards up field and the second cone 10 yards up field and even with the near side post
  • Player cuts across the first cone, changes speed between the two cones, then explodes through the center cone and shoots going across the field
    • Drill helps players shoot on the run and change speed while dodging
    • Can do the drill from both sides

Alley Dodge

  • Place a cone about 10 yards up in the center of the goal
  • Player should run down the field and make a hard cut to either side of the cone
    • Need to go both ways

Alley Dodge with Rollback

  • Place one cone 15 yards out in front of the and the other two 5 yards to either side of the goal and about 7 yards up.
  • Player drives at the center cone and cuts to one side or the other
    • Once the player hits the cone on either side they roll back, switch hands, and shoots

Quick Hitch

  • Set up a cone 5 yards and 7-10 yards up
  • Player should set up a set or two away from the cone
    • Play should toss the ball up, catch it, take a step and give a shoulder fake, then cut to the topside and take a shot

Catch and Shoot

  • Place the bounce-back right next to the goal
  • Player cuts to the goal and tosses the pass to the bounce-back
    • This simulates driving and hitting the X attack man curling around the goal
  • After the pass, continue the cut to the goal and receive the pass from the bounce-back and deliver a one-cradle shot
    • This simulates catching a pass on the dodge and getting off the shot before a defensive player can make a check