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Information Regarding the 2020-21 Season

Information regarding 2020-21 Bowling Season 

October 14 and October 16 330 to 5 PM: Conditioning at Eastern Lanes

October 18 7pm: Meeting via Zoom 

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Meeting ID: 734 8400 2373
Passcode: FalconsB21 

We are currently working on finding dates for tryouts and are in contact with other schools regarding adding more matches to the schedule. 


At this moment the information below from Eastern Lanes is how the plan will go, we are actively planning to try and broadcast matches when we are at Eastern. If we find out other centers are different on spectator policies bowlers and their families will be notified via email, website and our Twitter page. 

Information shared by Eastern Lanes: 

Due to possible overlapping of groups and spreading of Covid-19 we are having to change the start and finish time of practices and matches. The new start and finish times will be 4pm to 5:30pm for both practices and matches. As a result of this all matches will only be allowed to conduct 2 regular games and 2 baker games. Other policies we have had to adhere to due to Covid-19 are as follows:

 No spectators allowed

 On Mondays and Wednesdays all students and coaches will not be permitted to enter the building until all senior bowlers have exited or 3:50pm.

 On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Eastern Lanes hours are changing to a 4pm opening time, doors will be unlocked up to 15 minutes early to allow arrival of bowling teams.

 All bowlers will have to remain seated at the tables until it is their turn to bowl. Ohio bowling guidelines only allow 1 person at a time to be in each lanes bowler area except during pre-match warmup (Social distancing required during warmups) and bowling etiquette must be observed.

The bowler’s area, which is the white chairs to the foul line can only be used for bowling equipment and no more than 1 bowler per lane can be in this area at a time. A coach with a face mask can be in this area at the same time to help bowlers learn all other athletes  are to be seated at the brown tables on the carpeted area table until it is his or her turn to bowl. The bowler must sit at the table with the same number as to which lane they are bowling on (If their name is typed into the screen on lane 32 they must sit at table 32 to wait their turn).


We will be posting more updates in the coming weeks as we set tryout dates, matches and gain more information regarding our season. 


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Coach Harris or Coach Lawson.