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Off Season Workouts

Off-Season Workouts

Work Outs

Planks- Start off doing 5 planks for 30 seconds each. Try to work up to 10 planks for 2 minutes each.

Jump Rope- Start off doing 10 rounds of jump roping for 20 seconds, then resting for 20 seconds. Try to build up so you can do 10 rounds of 2 minutes with only 1 minute off in-between sets.

Lunges- Do lunges for 100 yards. Work your way up so you can do 10 sets.

Pushups- 5 sets of 20, increase by 5 until you are doing 5 sets of 50.



Interval Sprints- For a 10 minute run, sprint for 30 seconds then jog for 10 seconds. Try increase your sprint time to 45 seconds with a 15 second jog.

Long Distance Run- Start off running one mile three times a week during the off-season. Try to work up so you can run two miles at a time.

L-Drill - Set up three cones in the shape of an L. Start on outside of cone with one with hand on ground. On command, sprint and touch cone two; immediately turn and sprint back to cone one and touch; sprint around outside of cone two and run inside of cone three; turn and sprint back to cone two, then finish through cone one.

Four Corner Drill - Set up cones in two 10x10-yard boxes.

  • Sprint, sprint, sprint and sprint
  • Figure eight sprint
  • Back pedal, sprint, back pedal, sprint

T-Drill - Set up four cones in a T shape. Starting at the base of the T, sprint to top cone, cut around it and touch base of cone; sprint left, touch cone, and sprint right to far cone; sprint back to middle cone and cut back to start position.

Y-Cone Drill- (you will need a partner for this) Set up 4 cones in the shape of a Y with 5 yards in between each cone. Player should start at the first cone (bottom of the Y), facing his partner. The player should then backpedal towards the second cone (the middle of the Y). Right before he gets to the second cone, his partner should point to either the left or right, and the player should turn and run toward the cone at the top of the Y. Once the player touches the third cone, he should turn and sprint to the final untouched cone.