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Rules and Expectations of the Lady Falcons Basketball Team

Rules and Expectations for the Lady Falcons Basketball Team


  • Be 15 minutes early on scheduled practice times. The time will be based on the clock in the gymnasium.  Players that are late can expect extra conditioning and/or loss of game time.


  • Must wear basketball shorts.


  • Positive communication between team members (at school, outside school and on the court).


  • “Game speed” on all drills and practices.


  • All absences (excused and unexcused) should go through Coach Dalton only at all levels. You may text or email him
    • Practices are excused – Sickness, family illness or emergency.
    • TEXT COACHES BETWEEN 7 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. only!!!!


  • Practice jerseys must match everyday. See captains on which color.


  • No clapping hands when you want the ball. Communicate if you want the ball!!!


  • Come together before each water break. Jog off the court to get water and jog back.


  • Say prayer with intentions after each practice.


  • Practice gear – Must have everyday! First time will be a warning and run, 2nd time you will sit, and third time could lead to dismissal from the team.  THIS INCLUDES SHOES!!!


  • When you are not participating in a scrimmage or a drill, you are to stand watching and listening. No leaning against the wall!


  • When a coach is speaking, everybody listens, even if the coach is not talking to you. The basketballs are held at this time.


  • If you need taping, get to Amy before practice.


  • Keep the locker room clean at all times.


  • Make it a point to grab Tripod, Medical Kit, and water bottles off the bus during away games!


Game Policies

Team will sit together in the same area – focus should be on the game and nothing else.


On weekday away games, Jv players may leave at halftime of the varsity game with a Fenwick transportation release form.  A bus will leave at halftime of the varsity game to take players home early for academic reasons.  Any player may stay and watch the Varsity game and ride back with the varsity team as long as their coach is informed. 


On weekend games, it is strongly encouraged for players to stay for all the games.


Varsity must be at each home game at the beginning of the JV game.


No cell phones on while other games are being played.  Halftime and between games cell phones are allowed.


Pre-game music must be approved by the athletic director.  This year’s music will have a variety of music.  Coach Christi will be the music person this year!!!


We would like everyone to match during games.  If one person is wearing a pre wrap over your hair and it is a certain color, everyone must wear that color is you choose to wear prewrap.  Everyone must wear same color of socks.  Look like a team!!!!


Basketball is a team game and your actions reflect on the team as well as the basketball program.  It is important to make right decisions on and off the court, in the classroom, and outside school/activities.


Expected Attitudes and Conduct on the Court:

*Don’t worry about the officials – you play the game and let them officiate.

*When you come to the bench-

  1. Don’t complain.
  2. Encourage the player that is replacing you and inform her of her assignments.
  1. Sit down next to a coach (the coach may want to give instructions).
  2. Run on and off the court.


*Always play as hard and aggressive as you can.  If you are tired ask for rest

*Play with pride and class.

*Every rebound, errant pass, and loose ball is ours.  GET IT!!!!!!!!!

*If you are on the bench, you are expected to support the players on the floor and

  know what’s going on in the game.  Please stand after a player comes off the floor

  and give them encouragement.



Confidence is a mental state which is necessary in any phase of life.  Confidence can be gained from experience.  Some players have difficulty understanding criticism and lose confidence when criticized.  Others understand that constructive criticism is a sign of interest by the coach.  BE COACHABLE AND RESPECT THE COACH!!!


Let the coaches do the criticizing, you say nothing but good things and you can’t go wrong.  Stay positive amongst each other. 


Things Needed:

1-            Basketball

2-            Practice jersey & shorts

3-            Hair ties

4-            MUST wear a t-shirt/cut off under your practice jersey.


Basketball Goals from Coach Dalton:

Our goal as an basketball program is to continously facilitate and educate student athletes growth which will help to develop young women into empathetic, passionate, competitive, and problem-solving young women that provide a benefit to our community.

Have FUN playing good team basketball and being part of this team


Establish a winning record at all levels

Play with confidence